SBK Team Spotlight: Emma Orantes

Emma Orantes, Account Manager at Say Bookkeeping

Introducing Emma Orantes, Account Manager at Say Bookkeeping. Emma is originally from Los Angeles and moved to Miami just a few short years ago. She is extremely talented and has over 15 years of experience in customer service and client management with Crate and Barrel. While at Crate, she successfully managed her tasks, reaching out to customers and proactively addressing their questions and concerns. We are all confident that Emma will take on her new role at SBK with the same enthusiasm and professionalism she has shown in the past. Her attention to detail is a perfect match with SBK clients who expect us to deliver high quality work.

Emma’s customer service philosophy is “when the customer wins, we all win!” Feel free to reach out to her via email at or call her directly at 786-292-9519. She will happy to answer any questions you might have.


One thought on “SBK Team Spotlight: Emma Orantes

  1. Worked with this talented lady for over a 12 years at crate&barrel and was always impressed with her work ethic and attention to detail you are really lucky to have her in your team! Chapiz we miss you out here in Los Angeles!

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